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Kealani Health Supplement
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Kealani Health
Aloha!  Welcome to our site!
Based out of Malibu, California
Kealani means "clear sky" in Hawaiian. It is derived
from Kea meaning clear' and lani meaning heaven, and sky. Having perfect health is symbolic of clear sky's.
At Kealani Health we help you achieve perfect health  by boosting your immune system using our Amazing Miracle Superfood Green powder while making you feel great! You will enjoy the added benefit of enjoying more energy, rejuvenation, better focus, mental clarity, improved strength while transforming your health! 
You can rest assured we only use the highest quality organic ingredients in our superfood powder.
We are a unique and exclusive service that offers
you a wonderful intimate health experience by providing our listing of the top rated Juice fasting cleansing retreats all over the world to book to book through Kealani Health at greater savings!
In  these times of stress, change and global health crisis we all have to work hard to muster up the strength, motivation and courage to change our lifestyle to bring about the healthy changes we desire. Now more than ever people need fasting retreats to help improve their health.

Kealani Health also donates a portion of our sales to help the ocean and environment. We are conscious of

doing our part to help create a better world. We want to protect the pristine beauty of the ocean, habitat, flowers and wildlife. Come see what all of our clients are raving about! Join us for one of our famous Malibu 

Detox Retreat!

Whether you are feeling low in energy, want to feel energized, in need of a tune up, or want to rejuvenate and transform your current health situation. We are here to help you experience abundant health! 


We believe health is your true wealth!

To your good health!

Kealani  Health

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